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First District Court of Appeal
2000 Drayton Drive.
Tallahassee, Florida

(850) 487-1000 main

(850) 488-6151 clerk's office

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ADA Information

2018 Oral Argument Calendar

October 9 AM PM 3rd Floor
October 9 AM   2nd Floor
October 10 AM   3rd Floor
October 10 AM   2nd Floor
October 15   PM 3rd Floor
October 23 AM PM 3rd Floor
October 25   PM 3rd Floor
October 25 AM   Gainesville
October 29 AM   3rd Floor
November  1   PM 3rd Floor
November  1   PM 2nd Floor
November  6 AM   3rd Floor
November  6 AM   2nd Floor
November  7 AM   2nd Floor
November  14 AM   Jacksonville
November  27   PM  
Tentative Dates      
January 2019      
January 8 AM PM  
January 9 AM PM  
January 10 AM PM  
January 23 AM PM  
January 24 AM PM  
February 2019      
February 12 AM PM  
February 13 AM PM  
February 14 AM PM  
February 19 AM PM  
February 20 AM PM Crestview
February 26 AM    
February 27 AM    
March 2019      
March 12 AM PM  
March 13 AM PM  
March 14 AM PM  
March 26 AM PM  
March 27 AM PM  
March 28 AM PM Green Cove Springs





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